Thursday, March 20, 2008

American Lung Association - Asthma Walk

The American Lung Association, can give you 22 million reasons why we need to "Blow the Whistle on Asthma" and why you should help fight the asthma epidemic and make an impact. More than 22 million Americans currently have asthma. The Asthma Walk gives you the chance to get involved and help your loved ones breathe easier. Your participation will raise the funds necessary to provide life saving education, research and advocacy so we can better control asthma and soon find a cure.
These are some of the dates:
May 17 – Lynchburg, Contact info: Melissa Gilmore (434) 384-6875
September 27 – Virginia Beach, Contact info: Lisa Newman (757) 368-0281
October 11 - Richmond, Contact info: Anna Davis (703) 986-7110
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