Friday, April 30, 2010

We Need You! Provider Action Team

Everyday you or your organization help the vulnerable in our community to access healthcare. Throughout Hampton Roads, partners like you are enrolling patients into health insurance programs; providing medical care at a local health department, doctor’s office or emergency room; arranging transportation for health-related appointments; or helping someone understand the importance of having a medical home . Yet, many children and their families are still unable to access affordable, quality healthcare and other services in our community. Working together, we can find solutions to improve access to care.

To develop and implement comprehensive policies and strategies to improve access to care for children and their families, we need your knowledge and experience as a member of the Provider Action Team! By joining this team, you can:

  • Provide a better understanding of your/your organization’s programs and services

  • Play an integral role in shaping and developing regional initiatives that will impact the communities of Hampton Roads

  • Expand your network of resources and connect with other professionals in your field at the local, regional and state levels

We need people like you who can provide your unique perspective of transportation systems, social services, community outreach organizations, or public and private healthcare to join our Provider Action Team. If you personally cannot join, please consider selecting another representative from your organization to join.

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