Friday, April 24, 2009

CHKD - Free Family Forum

Food Weight and Body Image -Helping children and teens feel confident and healthy (Parent Workshop) Are you concerned that your child has unrealistic expectations about her body and weight? Positive body image often takes a hit during the preteen years because of a child's appearance changes quickly and negative cultural messages are very strong. Being criticized or teased about appearance can be particularly hurtful at this age. Preteens and teens often compare their looks with others or with media images of the "right" way to look. Dr. Linda Mintle will discuss the negative messages and pressures young people experience very early that can lead to unhealthy eating and negative body image. Learn warning signs and positive strategies to help young people navigate unrealistic expectations about food, weight and body image. Wednesday, May 13, 7-9p.m. CHKD 6th floor classroom, 601 Children's Lane, Norfolk
or 668.7500 or 1.800. 395.2453

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