Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Square One - Training for February

Hello from Square One...
There are "FREE Training Scholarships" still available for the Square One PEI courses beginning Feb. 1st.
Each agency may apply for one (1) FREE scholarship per PEI course...
Please fax forms to 757-497-5101 and write "Scholarship" at the top for those seeking a FREE training.
(I will contact you if the "Scholarship slots" have been filled. To date, every agency that has applied for a scholarship has received a slot.)
Do not miss out on this opportunity!
Our audio/web conference on Feb. 23 (1:30-2:30 PM) is entitled "Helping Children Deal with Grief/Loss"... your agency may participate at a $50 rate for 5 or more participants.(Single participants pay $12 per person) Please register as soon as possible. We will need at least 3 agencies participating to make it "a go"...

Feel free to call with questions... All forms are available on our website -- www.sqone.org

Marty LaGigliaDirectorSquare One 287 Independence Blvd.Pembroke II, Suite 120Virginia Beach, VA 23462757-552-0293www.sqone.org

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