Friday, November 2, 2007

Attend Luncheon - Delegate Melanie Rapp to Speak

Members of the GVPCCC have expressed concern over their seeming inability to get the message, across to the legislators, concerning their need for legislative support with regard to issues that are affecting their clients.

Melanie Rapp, Member of the House of Delegates for the Ninety-Sixth District, has agreed to speak at a luncheon at which she will address the issue of contacting and getting across your message to legislators. She will speak about the best ways and the best times to make contact with state legislators in order to speak with them about your needs for the support of or introduction of specific legislation. She will speak about the use of e-mail, direct mail, telephoning, visiting at the local office or the Richmond Office, visiting the legislators while in session and out of session and the like. It should be a most beneficial presentation with Delegate Rapp speaking about matters which will be of benefit to us in our advocacy role.

Melanie Rapp was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates to represent the 96th District in a special election in December of 2000, filling the vacancy created when her predecessor, Jo Ann Davis, was elected to Congress. Delegate Rapp was re-elected to full two-year terms in 2001, 2003 and 2005. She currently serves on the House Education, General Laws, and Privileges and Elections Committees. She also serves as a Deputy Whip for the House Republican Caucus and serves as a sub-committee chairman of the Teachers and Administrative Action Committee and the Housing Affordability and Real Estate Policy.

The Luncheon
Wednesday, November 14
12:00 - 1:30pm
Auditorium A of the MIH Conference Center

We need your response on or before Wednesday, November 7. Please call 886-6025 if you plan to attend. Thank you.

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