Friday, August 24, 2007

Free Websites for Non-Profits

From Access Partnership E-News Flash:

Ron Peterson @ Designers Pro would like to offer free websites to non-profit organizations. The websites will be custom made up to 3 pages. It will Include a Homepage, About Us, and Contact Us page. The sites will be very professional in look and feel and is perfect for organizations that are just starting or have no funds for a website. The name of your would be as follows "yoursite" will be replaced with the name of your organization. There will never be a charge or fee of any kind and we will not try and get you to buy anything. You can upgrade but that is not the purpose of this offer. This is a great way to get a very professional looking starter site at no cost. Thank you and God Bless, Ron Peterson, CEO (804)837-2238

(Please note that CINCH posts this only as a resource. We do not endorse this company or their work and really don't know anything about them. Please let us know if you use them and like it!)

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