Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance bus

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance bus (the big orange bus that is promoted by national spokesperson Montel Williams) will be in Virginia the week of September 15th - 19th. The bus will be making two 2 hour stops at various locations throughout the state.

The goal of this bus trip is to expose as many people throughout the state as possible to PPA. We hope to do this by making many stops at very visible locations and inviting the media to help us inform people about PPA through newspaper and television. While the counselors on board the bus are a great resource for patients, there is no magic in the bus. Patients can access information and service using the PPA toll free number and/or website. We want to make sure people know both exist.

The second goal of the bus trip is to expose Virginians to all other healthcare resources in the community. We hope that the media will not only tell people about the bus but also of the programs and services those that we partner with provide to the community. We will encourage the media to share information about the programs and service or services that are offered at the location where the bus is parked.

If you are interested in partnering with PPA and serving as a host for the bus, please contact Nicole Pugar at (804) 225-5828 or

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