Friday, September 28, 2007

National FDA Tobacco Legislation Call-in Day - October 2, 2007

Mark your calendars! On October 2, join with thousands of
advocates from across the country to call their Members of
Congress to advocate for the regulation of tobacco products by
the Food and Drug Administration. HR 1108, the Family Smoking
Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, is currently pending before
Congress and on Wednesday, October 3rd, the House Subcommittee
on Health will hold a hearing on this critical legislation.

This legislation will:
*Restrict tobacco marketing and sales to kids,
*Require changes in tobacco products to make them less toxic and
less addictive,
*Stop tobacco companies from misleading the public about the
health consequences of using their products.

These are all common-sense consumer protections that should have
been passed a long time ago.

Next week, we will send a reminder about the National FDA
Tobacco Legislation Call-In Day along with talking points. In
the meantime, please mark October 2nd down on your calendar.

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