Thursday, May 17, 2007

Obesity Prevention: Shape Up Somerville: Eat Smart Play Hard

Marty LaGiglia from Square One & member of CINCH's Obesity Work Group shared the following information:

On the radio this morning---Whoopi was talking about the obesity prevention program in Somerville, MA-"Shape up Somerville, Eat Smart, Play Hard" . There is interesting info about other wellness policies, etc. as you scan the printout. Members should check out the "Yearly height and weight data collection with reports for parents", which may give us some good ideas for our BMI datacollection.

Shape Up Somerville: Eat Smart Play Hard. The CDC grant, Shape Up Somerville: Eat Smart Play Hard.™, was awarded to Dr. Christina Economos (N96) in September 2002 for three years.* The project is a community-basedenvironmental approach to obesity prevention targeting 1st–3rd graders in Somerville, MA. Theinterventions take place through community partnerships that create healthy eating and physicalactivity messages and increase opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating, specificallyfruits, vegetables, legumes, low-fat dairy and whole grain products throughout the children’s day.Some of the interventions include: School Food Service, In-School Curriculum, After School Curriculum, Parent / Community Outreach and Restaurants. You can get more information on this program at and Dr. Christina Economos at

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